Web Development new Strategies

  A lot has changed in the way people access the web. Years ago, people could only access the web on their desktops and laptops, but these days people have smart phones, tablets and other smart mobile devices. Web developers now have to change the way they develop websites in order to accommodate these changes, and to ensure that everyone gets what they are looking for online, irrespective of the device they are using. There are so many challenges that web developers have to face every day as they try to accommodate different users, and some of the strategies explained here can help in ensuring that their projects are a success. 1.  Aim for a responsive web design Web developers should now focus on creating just one design, but one that is compatible with multiple devices.  2.  Try software prototyping In order to get it right, you can try to test your design using graphic programs that are available to you. Then once the design is finished and you are satisfied with the way it looks,